We connect, encourage, empower, do the talk.


WEdothetalk was established in 2014 through I-connect Business and Marketing Services. We provide outsourcing services to international clients from telemarketing to office management to virtual assistants.

We aim to support Filipino Women through our in-depth online training programs for possible employment. We encourage our members to learn and become professional entrepreneurs to provide better services to our clients.

We connect, encourage, empower and do the talk.


To help Filipino Women earned a living at the comfort of their home.


These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behavior as we work towards our vision. Quality - our focus is on the people we serve (Employers, Staffing Manager, Fellow Contractors, Customers, Readers) Caring - we are committed to serving with empathy, integrity and compassion.


Creating a world that passes on the blessings to others. Be helped and be of great help to others. Passing on the good fortunes with compassion.