Dedicated virtual team.

How It Works

Stage 1: Let's Connect

  • Set up a meeting to discuss your requirements and standards
  • Schedule an online assessment for a virtual staff of your choice
  • Sign contracts and pay after evaluation

  • Stage 2: Training and Onboarding

    Steps on training:

    Step 1
    We'll record the communication between you and our agent. This recording will serves as our training purposes and will provide you to access these recordings.

    We'll set up a recorded communication of our virtual staff to see how they sound on the phone.

    We'll assess our virtual staff based on your requirements and will provide you our assessment result.

    Step 2
    All communications will be documented. Contracts, work schedules, NDAs, etc. will be kept secured and only be accessible to our authorized representative.
    Step 3
    We'll set up a team to manage email accounts, leads, sales materials, staff call reports and recordings. You can request the above information from one of our team members.
    Step 4
    We'll work based on your project requirements using your own CRM, phone or VOIP system or data server.

    Stage 3: Stay connected with our results-driven staff

    Our virtual dedicated staff are available 40 hours a week. We'll provide you a weekly project status report through email.